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    So, here it is... Our Idol Rules.

    You see, like millions of TV viewers out there we have been intently watching American Idol since season #1. And all the while we've been struck by one thing... it's not the talent of the performers, it's not the brilliant simplicity of the show it is... the gigantic mistakes made by so many of the people that try out.

    So many of these mistake are so simple... yet contestants make them over and over. And since we've grown tired of watching the contestants repeat these mistakes over and over we decided to list them here for all to see.

    So browse around, add your ideas too...just send them to ouridolrules@gmail.com.
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Rule #17 – Lose the ‘tude

David Cook *Courtesty American IdolOne of the most obvious IdolRules that hasn’t been posted is this: You don’t have to be a diva….you don’t have to have a cool single-word name, and you don’t have to have had years of vocal coaching or singing experience. You just need to have talent. And it doesn’t hurt to be a good person either.


Rule #15 – Simon says

Remember this…Simon knows what he’s talking about. As a contestant you may not want to hear what he has to say. And disagreeing with Simon might seem like the popular thing to do. The point is that he’s been doing this for a long time in multiple countries and he knows what he’s doing. Instead of arguing with him in an attempt to fire up the crowd, listen to what he has to say. You’ll get further if you do.

Rule #13 – Any air time you get should be of you singing

Resist the urge to ride the mechanical bull at the local bar or to take a midnight dip in the hotel swimming pool when you should be practicing for your next individual or group performance. That is, unless your goal is to get more air time on television showing how you can’t take anything in life seriously.