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    So, here it is... Our Idol Rules.

    You see, like millions of TV viewers out there we have been intently watching American Idol since season #1. And all the while we've been struck by one thing... it's not the talent of the performers, it's not the brilliant simplicity of the show it is... the gigantic mistakes made by so many of the people that try out.

    So many of these mistake are so simple... yet contestants make them over and over. And since we've grown tired of watching the contestants repeat these mistakes over and over we decided to list them here for all to see.

    So browse around, add your ideas too...just send them to ouridolrules@gmail.com.
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Rule #18 – American doesn’t want “groomed” stars…

So, you see Idol wanna-bees…here’s the thing.  If you’ve been doing musical theater all your life, we don’t want you.  If you’ve cut albums on second rate labels in the past, we don’t want you.  If you’ve had personal voice coaches since you could walk, we don’t want you.  If you’ve been groomed by your parents for a life in the spot light, we don’t want you.  What we want is a good story.  We want the down home, girl/guy next door who can sing like crazy but hasn’t been discovered.  That’s why Kelly Clarkson won.  That’s why Fantasia and Carrie Underwood won.  That’s why Taylor Hicks and David Cook won.  And that’s why Kris Allen won.  It’s also exactly why Adam Lambert didn’t win.  We don’t want the make-up and the dramatic lighting…and we dont want Kat McPhee and Trenyce and Syesha Mercado.  America wants a feel good story.  And American got one last night.  Congrats Kris!


Rule # 9 – Song choice, song choice, song choice!

Judy GarlandIf you are considering singing “Somewhere over the rainbow”, “Unchained Melody”, or “Amazing Grace” force yourself to pick a different song. We’ve heard them before. We’ve heard them belted out by winners and divas. We’ve heard them sung better than you can sing them. We don’t want to hear them again.

Song choice isn’t really that hard. Just follow these guidelines:

  1. Pick something that everyone watching has actually heard of.
  2. Pick something that everyone watching hasn’t heard a million times on the show.
  3. Pick something that showcases your voice.

Rule # 7 – Your previous employer matters

If you have ever been a stripper, a nude model or have ever been employed as an “adult entertainer” of any kind don’t bother trying out. You have no chance of winning because sooner or later your resume will catch up with you and you’ll be back to working as “an actress”, “a dancer” or “a waiter”.

Rule #6 – You’re not as good as you think you are

If you walk into the first audition and tell the judges you are the next American Idol, you won’t be. America eats up the girl next door, waitress turned superstar, not the “I’m the next Celine Dion” wannabe

Rule #4 – Dressing ridiculously for the first audition

If you are dressed like the statue of liberty, an astronaut or a giant piece of fruit, you won’t make it past the first round.

Believe it or not, it’s your vocal strength and personality that will actually get you to Hollywood.

Rule #3 – It’s an age thing

If you are 16 you’re too young…come back in 2 or 3 years.

If you are 29 you’re too old. Get a job.

Pick songs that the target audience knows and likes. I don’t care how much you love James Taylor (who is great BTW), 12-20 year olds don’t love JT…and they are the ones that vote.